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Viking shield welcome sign free vector art. Barbarian silhouette design CNC DXF File Download. The download contains three designs of welcome signboards in the form of a shield and a silhouette of a Viking. Welcome sign is written in runic script. The welcome sign is scalable and can be used in different projects. This design is great for plasma cutting, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, engraving, milling, printing, etc. This free file can be used as a stencil for subsequent manual processing. NOTE: This file can be scaled according to the capabilities of your project and CNC machine. Don’t forget that for plasma cutting jumper should not be less than 5mm. File Formats Include: DXF, SVG, Al, EPS, PDF, STL and high res PNG
Date 10.05.2017 00:36:15
File Size 1.7 MB
Download 790
Welcome sign with a deer and a pine. Free Welcome sign vector. Welcome sign SVG. Welcome sign DXF. The Download includes Free AI | EPS | SVG | PDF | STL | DXF | PNG files to work with a file in a program convenient for you. Welcome sign plasma cut file. Jigsaw stencil.
Date 07.05.2017 17:28:42
File Size 391.47 KB
Download 653
Free Welcome sign SVG DXF pine landscape. Download includes AI | EPS | SVG | DXF | STL | PDF | PNG files for different software. A simple and nice stencil for crafting.
Date 07.05.2017 15:23:04
File Size 249.73 KB
Download 300
Free Welcome sign vector file in a large number of formats. This welcome sign can be used as a stencil for applying to paper, wood, plastic or metal. Can be used as a stencil for cutting or as a file for cnc machine tools. Includes free DXF, EPS, AI, SVG, PDF, STL, PNG 4.4k.
Date 07.05.2017 13:59:34
File Size 356.72 KB
Download 616
Free welcome sign cut file can be used to create a beautiful welcome sign. The contour of the file is one-piece, which allows you to cut it out of any sheet material. Suitable for plasma cutting, laser cutting, milling machines, jigsaw cutting, like stencils for coloring, wood burning, printing, 3D printing etc. Welcome sign DXF SVG EPS AI PDF STL PNG files included. Welcome Sign, Welcome SVG, Welcome Script, Welcome Sign svg. Welcome cut file. Free welcome sign. Welcome Sign svg Cut File.
Date 02.05.2017 11:17:32
File Size 330.81 KB
Download 663
Free stencil file. Suitable for plasma cutting, laser cutting, milling, engraving, wood burning, painting, jig saw cutting or printing. Use this design on mugs, pillows, signs, wall decals or to create iron or vinyl shirts, baby onesies and more.etc.
Date 30.04.2017 15:09:32
File Size 363.93 KB
Download 480
This FREE Home Sweet Home sign stencil design features the phrase: Home Sweet Home. Comes with DXF, SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, STL, PNG files for clipart users and cut files for crafters!
Date 30.04.2017 13:59:21
File Size 393.86 KB
Download 411
Happy Valentine's Day Cutout quote. Free DXF | SVG | EPS vector, ready to cut file.
Date 30.01.2017 21:29:11
File Size 351.81 KB
Download 409
Welcome sign in the form of a bull skull in the circular saw. This stencil designed for plasma cutting but can be cut out by any method.
Date 27.01.2017 20:03:44
File Size 866.61 KB
Download 366
Rooster Welcome Sign cut-out template - Free DXF File for cnc machines. This sign stencil will look great from metal, wood or plastic. It may also be printed on a plotter and transferred to the workpiece for hand cutting, such as plasma torch. Or milled by hand router. Just drill a couple of holes for fasteners and your welcome sign is ready.
Date 27.01.2017 18:06:13
File Size 295.37 KB
Download 517
Free dxf welcome sign with deer heads. Designed for plasma and laser cutting.
Date 26.01.2017 20:29:45
File Size 233.68 KB
Download 521
Free cut file - Windmill landscape welcome sign. This Free cnc file is designed for cutting (plasma, laser...) and milling.
Date 24.01.2017 22:21:29
File Size 328.06 KB
Download 251