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Geometric stencil cut panel. Free DXF, SVG, EPS, AI, PDF, PNG Files. This design can be made by CNC or manually.
Date 23.06.2017 20:58:32
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Industrial style cut panel - there are 6 files - dxf, eps, svg, ai, pdf and png. The file is fully scalable, so sizing can be adjusted inside your software. Cut Panel. Plasma cut panel. Laser Cut Panel. Decorative cut panel DXF. Cut out panel stencil. Plasma cut files. Laser cut files.
Date 19.06.2017 17:45:19
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This pack contains 3 separate folders for each panel. In each folder there are 6 files - dxf, eps, svg, ai, pdf and png. The file is fully scalable, so sizing can be adjusted inside your software. Cut panels. Decorative laser cut panels. Laser cut panels. Laser cut panels design. Laser cut screens. Laser cut out panels. Cut out panels. Plasma cut panels. Plasma cut out stencil. Cut screens. Cut Panel file. Wooden panel. Plasma cut template. Cut out stencil. Engraving panel. Wall panel DXF. Cut panels SVG. Cut panel DXF. Vector cut out panel. Jig saw cutter template.
Date 16.06.2017 19:19:29
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Cut Panel. Plasma cut panel. Laser Cut Panel. Decorative cut panel DXF. Cut out panel stencil. Plasma cut files. Laser cut files. DXF Files. Check out other panels from this set Panel 2 and Panel 3. Cut Panels can be used in both residential and commercial spaces. A stunning addition to the decor of any home or office. With this file you can make Canopy Screen, Window Screen, Privacy Screen, Hand Rail Screen, Wall Cladding, Fence, Room Dividers, Doors, Gates, Table legs, Wall panels etc. This file is cut ready and perfect for plasma cutting, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, electroerosion cutting, milling, engraving, printing. Perfect for those making vinyl wall decals, and vinyl wood art projects. Can be used as a stencil to a jig saw cutter.
Date 16.06.2017 18:07:23
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Tree - decorative panel free dxf file for plasma cutting, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, jig saw cutting stencil, milling and engraving. This dxf art file for cnc machines can be used for the production of decorative panels made of wood, plywood, MDF, plastic, aluminum, steel and other materials. Massive pattern allows to cut it not only with the help of the CNC but also manually. It has 1x2 aspect ratio. May be used as a wall art, door, gate or just a section of the fence. List of the files in this download: Tree - decorative panel.dxf Tree - decorative Tree - decorative panel.eps Tree - decorative panel.svg Tree - decorative panel.pdf Tree - decorative panel.png
Date 15.05.2017 20:55:06
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Voronoi pattern plasma cut panel. Please do not start cutting the entire sheet if you are a beginner. This panel is designed for thick metal or plywood or any sheet material having sufficient rigidity. If you use plasma cutting, try on a small piece of metal. If you cut this panel out of thin metal it will not have any stiffness. You must additionally make a frame and weld it to the panel for stiffness. Even if cut out of thick metal, alignment may be required.
Date 15.05.2017 18:18:52
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Floral pattern cut out panel
Date 15.05.2017 17:17:34
File Size 2.76 MB
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Square geometric pattern cutout stencil. Wall panel stencil. Cut panel. Cutout panel. Diecut panel. This free stencil is suitable for paper cutting, cardboard cutting, plastic cutting, foam cutting, plywood cutting, MDF cutting, wood cutting, metal cutting and cutting from other sheet materials.
Date 15.05.2017 16:40:28
File Size 1.49 MB
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Moroccan Arabic repeat pattern stencil (Marrakech Stencil). It is easy to use and a great way of creating bold pattern where ever you want it. This FREE CNC File can be used for any CNC, plasma cutting, laser cutting, engraving, milling, printing etc. Great for wall decorating or for many other art and craft projects. The pattern can be used for many different things including applique, coloring, crafts, decorating, painting, scrap-booking, stenciling, tracing, and more.
Date 07.02.2017 20:00:49
File Size 1.35 MB
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Custom decorative perforated panel can be used in multiple ways in and around your home. Cut out panels are great to enhance exterior and interior spaces. Could be used as handrail screens, privacy screens, window screens, canopy screens or wall cladding. The panel can be made using a CNC machine or manually using the file as a template (stencil).
Date 30.01.2017 13:42:41
File Size 1.08 MB
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Stones pattern plasma cut files. This design pattern has the 1x2 ratio. It can be made of plywood, MDF, acrylic, aluminum, copper, brass and other sheet materials using CNC machines. Includes free dxf, eps, svg, ai, pdf, png and stl files.
Author DXF1
Date 22.01.2017 01:25:39
File Size 2.06 MB
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Free Square mosaic pattern cut out panel. Suitable for cutting and milling. Could be used like laser cut metal screen, plasma cut panel, panel folding screen, milling screen, wall art, stencil mask, also suitable for all sorts of projects, like plywood, steel, plastic, vinyl, paper. This mosaic stencil is great with inks, mists, pastes, sprays and more.
Date 21.01.2017 21:51:02
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