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Stones pattern plasma cut files. This design pattern has the 1x2 ratio. It can be made of plywood, MDF, acrylic, aluminum, copper, brass and other sheet materials using CNC machines. Includes free dxf, eps, svg, ai, pdf, png and stl files.
Author DXF1
Date 22.01.2017 01:25:39
File Size 2.06 MB
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Free Square mosaic pattern cut out panel. Suitable for cutting and milling. Could be used like laser cut metal screen, plasma cut panel, panel folding screen, milling screen, wall art, stencil mask, also suitable for all sorts of projects, like plywood, steel, plastic, vinyl, paper. This mosaic stencil is great with inks, mists, pastes, sprays and more.
Date 21.01.2017 21:51:02
File Size 2.07 MB
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Tree Branch cut ot stencil free dxf file for plasma cutting, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, jig saw cutting stencil, milling and engraving. This dxf art file for cnc machines can be used for the production of decorative panels made of wood, plywood, MDF, plastic, aluminum, steel and other materials. Massive pattern allows to cut it not only with the help of the CNC but also manually. It has 1x2 aspect ratio. May be used as a wall art, door, gate or just a section of the fence.
Date 20.01.2017 13:54:41
File Size 591.73 KB
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Reaction-diffusion pattern cut out stencil vector svg, eps, dxf, ai, pdf, stl and png file download. All file types are packed in zip file.
This free cnc pattern could be used for plasma cutting, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, milling, engraving or even manually - just print the drawing, place it on the plywood sheet and cut out using a jigsaw (for example). Basically, it could be anything from counter top, bench seat, gate, fence, doors, interiors custom parts, exteriors designs etc. The variety of file extensions allowing you to open and edit this cnc file with almost every vector, CAD or CAM software.
Date 18.01.2017 22:57:19
File Size 4.15 MB
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Arabesco milling, engraving panel file. This download incudes vector 2D & 3D FILES which is compatible with CAD & CAM software. Please note, that this file is designed for milling or engraving. If you want to use it as a cut out file (stencil) it should be modified by connecting pieces to each other and to a solid. The Download includes DXF, AI, SVG, EPS, PNG, PDF, JPG, STL files, so it could be easily viewed and edited with any vector, CAD or CAM software. CNC Ready.
Date 16.01.2017 20:22:07
File Size 3.31 MB
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Abstract cutout panel for laser cutting, plasma cutting, milling etc. Square panel with abstract pattern. This custom cut out panel (wood screen) can be used many different ways, from components to cabinet doors, lamp shades, other furniture applications to built-in room divider partitions, privacy screens. Cut panels can not only be made of metal or wood (plywood) and plastics, leather and other materials. Cut panels could be a design element directly mounted to walls, ceilings or archways.
Author DXF1
Date 14.01.2017 21:05:17
File Size 692.93 KB
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