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Very simple and easy to use online software for creating 3D objects. Absolutely free. There is a library of ready-shapes and a huge library of custom shapes and objects. No need to spend time on the study of software functions, Tinkercad program offers to use the virtual teacher. Through simple, short lessons, it teaches the beginner the basics of modeling and printing, gradually moving on to more complex aspects of the creation of 3D models. Note that the program can be used with the help of the Internet browser Google Chrome 10 or MozillaFirefox 4. Tinkercad runs on operating systems or WindowsVista AppleOSX 10.6. Tinkercad program is ideal for the creation of CAD objects used for printing on 3D printers. It allows you to resize objects, move them or delete them. Finished object can be saved as SVG, STL, OBJ, X3D or VRML97 file if you want to use external services or 3D printers.



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