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OpenSCAD is a software for creating solid 3D CAD objects. It is free software and available for Linux/UNIX, MS Windows and Mac OS X. Unlike most other 3D modeling programs like Blender, Sketchup, AutoCAD, or Solidworks, it’s really easy to get started in OpenSCAD. Another difference is that you write a programming language to do your 3D modeling. OpenSCAD is a declarative language, like HTML. If you’ve ever written a simple HTML, you can handle OpenSCAD. it’s a 3D modeling program based on constructive solid geometry (CSG). Lastly, unlike many 3D modeling or CAD programs, it’s entirely free! Not just free of charge, but it’s open source with a vibrant community.



Version 2015.03-2
Size 14 mb
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Author OpenSCAD Developers
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Price FREE
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