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CADE is a compact but powerful 2D vector editor for Windows. It includes basic Visio functionality and could be used to create diagrams, network diagrams, flowcharts, schemas, maps and so much more. You can use predefined blocks, primitive shapes, raster and vector images. The collection of blocks and it's attributes could be modified and extended. Working in CADE requires no particular drawing skills. CADE is not only a 2D vector editor but it is a tool to publish and share drawings over the Internet. Published CADE documents are viewable with a regular Web browser without any plug-in. To modify the drawing CADE is required. CADE provides collaborative work on the drawings. Several users can work on the same document locking / unlocking the drawing. The document can be managed using web interface or using CADE windows interface. CADE can be easily integrated into a new or existing Windows or web application.

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