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Define an Associate, hatch or multiple line by drawing the desired pattern, select it, enter a name and enter the prompted for reference points. Edit multiple objects with a few clicks on the screen. There is no setup for each drawing. Just draw. When your drawing is finished, select all or a part of it, click on the print menu, enter a scale and print. JustCad is DPI aware and now fully supports comma separator. Drawing tools include, line, 2pt. circle, 3pt. circle, 2pt. arc, 3pt. arc, curve, ellipse, point, polygon, linear dimension, radial dimension, angular dimension, leader, text place, text edit, associates, hatch, multiple lines, ortho on/off, (3)arrow styles, (dimension in feet and inches, feet, inches, meters, centimeters, millimeters, 0 to 4 decimal places), unlimited layers, (8) line widths, (5) line styles, blank line, snap to (point, object, midpoint, percentage, intersection, perpendicular, tangent) and more. Edits include, break, trim, stretch, copy, radial copy, concentric copy, move, rotate, fillet, 3pt. rotate, 3pt. radial copy, change properties, scale, erase, Undo/Redo (400,000 Entities). Utilities include, Measure distance, measure area, measure angle, total length selected, circle tangent line function, insert text file, import and export dxf format files(Release 12) with true dimensions, save black-on-white bitmap and Paper Wizard.



Version 10.0
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